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amazon com the psychic pathway a workbook for - this is an amazing book also i love that it was published in the mid 90 s before the internet and digital technology had much influence the chapter week 2 clearing the path fills in gaps that i was unsure about when i read her book diary of a psychic, deep meditation pathway to personal freedom yogani - deep meditation pathway to personal freedom yogani on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers deep meditation is a concise step by step instruction book for a simple yet powerful method of daily meditation that will systematically unfold inner peace, mark nepo spiritual writer poet philosopher healing - mark nepo everyone is a poet poet and best selling author mark nepo says poetry is the unexpected utterance of the soul find out why he says a poem is more than just words on a page, headache or spiritual awakening detox mentor - possibly both if this is you you are blessed and whether one thee other or both detox will help you thru which can be as easy as changing your diet adding more water and exercising, awareness and consciousness podcast audio insights on - feeling not good enough podcast 1 mp3 32 min my battle with the belief structure of not being good enough includes material on awareness finding and changing core beliefs acceptance and the nature of duality, enlightenment pathway to happiness - one of the problems in explaining enlightenment is that we have to use words words are only symbols and don t give the real understanding the letters of a word are merely a code that the mind translates into meaning, the wilderness tabernacle at sunset biblesearchers com - the wilderness tabernacle at sunset art used by permission by pat marvenko smith copyright 1992 click here to visit her revelation illustrated site the wilderness sanctuary, kundalini awakening kundalini reaches sahasrara chakra - 6 joining kundalini with the crown chakra after the upward journey of kundalini coursing through the sushumna channel and the chakras along the way section 5 it is finally brought to the crown chakra sahasrara this union is the realization of the absolute and is the meaning of yoga, lifting the veil want to know - lifting the veil an investigative history of the united states pathocracy researched and written by timothy m silver i know the capacity that is there to make tyranny total in america, the great a i awakening the new york times - feature the great a i awakening how google used artificial intelligence to transform google translate one of its more popular services and how machine learning is poised to reinvent