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the art of japanese swordsmanship a manual of eishin ryu - the art of japanese swordsmanship a manual of eishin ryu iaido nicklaus suino on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers the original purpose of iaido was to slay an opponent with one stroke of the sword upon unsheathing today it is practiced as a martial art, an introduction to iaido kampai budokai - an introduction to iaido to the prospective student as you yourselves have often certainly experienced a warrior especially needs these three things he must guard his person with strength shrewdness and care he must be free in his movements and he must be quick to draw his sword, iaido japanese swordsmanship training with katana near - becoming a part of castle rock iaido is one of the best things i ve ever done for myself iwakabe sensei is a wonderful teacher she has a lot of patience and relates concepts in a natural way as well as supportive and encouraging, amazon com customer reviews the art of japanese - the book contains 62 wazas short forms for eishin ryu iaido it s probably the most comprehensive manual on eishin ryu out there everything from the history lineage parts of the sword bowing in seated half seated standing and even secret wazas are covered, auskf faq forms documents - site disclaimer this website is posted as a service to the all united states kendo federation information on this website is posted from many different sources and every effort is made to post accurate information, hyoho niten ichi ryu techniques kampai budokai - hyoho niten ichi ryu techniques this hyoho an alternative pronunciation of heiho or strategy was taught to me on tuesday may 20 1997 in guelph ontario by matsuo haruna chief instructor at the musashi dojo in ohara okayama ken i was one of eight in this hyoho niten ichi ryu kenjutsu class musashi s daisho or two sword school, ajkf online shop english version - fik kendo shiai and shinpan regulations japanese english nippon kendo kata manual english training method for fundamental kendo techniques with a bokuto english, canadian kendo federation home - welcome to the ckf web site we are working to support and promote kendo iaido and jodo in canada please forward your event notices to us so that we can post them on our events page, judo chokes shimewaza choking techniques judo info - different chokes for different folks by neil ohlenkamp the practice of choking and strangulation techniques is a subtle art that requires more attention to detail than many other skills in judo, all japan kendo federation online shop book dvd vhs goods - this website is the official shop of all japan kendo federation items distributed by all japan kendo federation publications dvd s video s merchandise etc can be purchased online, year 2012 us martial arts hall of fame inductees - alas ka michael a abels distinguished instructor excellence in teaching mr ables is the head instructor of sei shi kai aikido, tai chi sword jian chien gim bibliography links - tai chi sword taijiquan jian sun style yang style chen style bibliography links resources 13 sword techniques quotations videos online manufacturers distributors 32, ahrs attitude heading reference system xsens 3d motion - an ahrs attitude and heading reference system provides 3d orientation by integrating gyroscopes and fusing this data with accelerometer data and magnetometer data, shipping delivery find all the information about our - from the carrier to the warranties passing by the shipping times you will find all the information about kusakurashop s shipping service through a detailing chart of our different carrier and we also made a chart combining products availability and shipping times