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puerto rico 1898 the war after the war fernando pico - puerto rico 1898 the war after the war fernando pico on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers this title explores the war that followed the us invasion of puerto rico in 1898 and has been written by puerto rico s leading historian, history of puerto rico wikipedia - the history of puerto rico began with the settlement of the archipelago of puerto rico by the ortoiroid people between 3 000 and 2 000 bc other tribes such as the saladoid and arawak native puerto ricans populated the island between 430 bc and 1000 ad at the time of christopher columbus s arrival in the new world in 1492 the dominant indigenous culture was that of the ta nos, puerto rico s relationship with the united states us - chronology of puerto rico in the spanish american war the spanish american war began in april 1898 the impetus for war was cuba americans had become incensed by sensationalized stories of spanish cruelty which eventually culminated in the sinking of a u s naval ship the maine in havana harbor although the cause of the explosion remains unknown it became the justification for the, puerto rico in the american century a history since 1898 - an impressive achievement up to date in its scholarship solid in its mastery of history lucidly analyzed strongly argued and clearly written puerto rico in the american century may be the best modern history of the island and its people in print peter winn history book club this volume will have an immediate impact as the first english language volume on puerto rico s history, beyond quarantine a history of leprosy in puerto rico - abstract from biblical times to the modern period leprosy has been a disease associated with stigma this mark of disgrace physically present in the sufferers sores and disfigured limbs and embodied in the identity of a leper has cast leprosy into the shadows of society, puerto rico s culture music - puerto rican music one of puerto rico s notable exports is its music which is probably the predominant caribbean music heard in the united states, history of puerto rico xv century 1599 - puerto rico s history xv century 1599 xv century ta no indians who inhabited the territory called the island boriken or borinquen which means the great land of the valiant and noble lord or land of the great lords today this word used in various modifications is still popularly used to designate the people and island of puerto rico, puerto rico s culture famous puerto ricans a c - alegr a ricardo e 1921 cultural antropologist and archeologist was born on april 14 1921 in san juan he was the driving force behind the creation of the influential institute of puerto rican culture which he headed from its foundation in 1955 to 1972, puerto rico the economy britannica com - puerto rico the economy puerto rico s economy now based on services and manufacturing was dominated by agriculture until the mid 20th century under spanish colonial rule the island was largely neglected because of its limited mineral resources however the harbour at san juan prospered as a major link in spain s oceanic trade routes and massive fortifications were built there, what does being a u s territory mean for puerto rico - president trump walks with fema administrator brock long second from right and lt gen jeff buchanan right as he tours an area affected by hurricane maria in guaynabo puerto rico on oct 3