The Video Game Theory Reader 2 -

game sound an introduction to the history theory and - game sound an introduction to the history theory and practice of video game music and sound design the mit press karen collins on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers an examination of the many complex aspects of game audio from the perspectives of both sound design and music composition a distinguishing feature of video games is their interactivity, violent video game effects on children and adolescents - violent video games are successfully marketed to and easily obtained by children and adolescents even the u s government distributes one such game america s army through both the internet and its recruiting offices, 6 insane video game fan theories that make total sense - cohesive storytelling is a new thing in video games the standard for nearly 30 years was to just fill the screen with whatever nonsensical lunacy lured the most quarters or sold the most copies and even today it s hard for games to break away from that formula so fans fill in the narrative blanks